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"unless you find it in the spring you make it"
19 Mar

"unless you find it in the spring you make it"

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Mom: "I can't stand waking up every morning.

Oh, and we read again at noon, God forbid they didn't put much.

Quickly wash your food, start reading - not these ... the ones you find first, you also have English to complete and at 5 we have a lesson. Still;; in half an hour we leave for the pool we won't catch up.

We have finally returned! Sit down to eat and continue saying you're not done before.

You can watch TV now because in one hour you have to go to bed ....

 And like this the next day, it can get better or worse.

In the middle of such a routine, it would be ideal to close the school (ONLY for a little) and other commitments for a while. Rest, sleep and endless rides. So perfect for being able to be true ...

And the school and activities and shops were closed, and there were playgrounds, stadiums and anywhere else you would like to go with your kids (thankfully the mountains and the seas remain). And at the beginning we said that they would be with a few friends in the house, but with all the developments we were scared too.

So after the eighth day of "enclosure" you feel like you can't stand it anymore !!! You weren't expecting it so hard and yet it is! The days go by and you don't know what else to think about and invent. You canvass from the television anytime you look at the numbers increasing geometrically. It captures your appetite for more and more ... it's not just for me, it's for all of us! You search the internet for ideas and you find so many more. Think of a walk in the woods (10 minutes from your home) that you haven't yet been to. Think of those in the vulnerable groups who are sick and in the hospital quarantine and how for some time you are in good hands responsible for you, your family, your neighbor. And then you remember that millennial "unless you find it in the spring you make it" and you sound different now. Because you see everything around you. The food you made at noon, their favorite sweetie they asked for, the music they put on and they told you to dance with them, their voices and their eyes !!

 And let's not forget about the sweeteners ... Courage, mam!

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